The Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche protects the Parisian bees

After obtaining our European certification Ecolabel, the Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche continues to act in favor of the environment by sponsoring the Bee Happy Miel association. The Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche now protects the Parisian bees.

Why is it important?

Beekeeping and the preservation of bees are a highly covered subject and their importance is well established. The Futura Planet article, among others, explains very well the need to protect pollinator species.

Through his activity, the beekeeper contributes to the maintenance of plant biodiversity by ensuring a healthy management of honey bee populations. It is necessary that these species have a large foraging space, free of all toxic substances.

We are witnessing the emergence of more and more urban hives installed on the roof of companies. A simple but admirable gesture from them!

Futura Planete emphasizes that farming in an urban environment would best protect bees. Why? Because bees have a filter that protects them better from urban pollution then pesticides. Also, in the cities, Men constantly provide them with something to eat by developing green spaces.

Who is Bee Happy Miel?

© Bee Happy Miel

Bee Happy Miel is a Parisian association with an environmental vocation. It is made up if “Happy Culteurs” who look after the well-being of bees and produce honey from Paris.

Bee Happy Miel offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to participate in preserving biodiversity though sponsorship and awareness days.

In an approach in favor of the environment, we felt it necessary to show our commitment through various significant actions. What will be our next challenge?

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