Find a hotel in the 6th district of Paris : The Trianon Rive Gauche 

Find a hotel in the 6th district of Paris : The Trianon Rive Gauche

It is not difficult to find a hotel in the 6th district of Paris. We have a place located in the heart of the town that creates the Left Bank. The 6th district of Paris in a place with a rich history. People also calls it “Luxembourg district”.

hotel in the 6th district of Paris This is a major place concerning Paris activity. Therefore this district contains 4 administratives quarters. We have Quartier de Monnaie, Quartier de l’Odéon, Quartier Notre Dame des Champs and then the Quartier Saint-Germain des Prés. Here, you  will find the Trianon Rive Gauche, your best hotel in the 6th district of Paris.

Why to stay in a hotel in the 6th district of Paris ?

A historic place

The 6th district of Paris has always distinguish itself from the others. More than a thousand years, it was a print of the french intelectual and cultural life. It is the result of the settlement of a lot of french writers that had their own habits around. These writers where known as Jean Racine, Honoré de Balzac, Georges Sand, Simone de Beauvoir or Jean-Paul Sartre.

This image does still fits to the place.

The 6th district of Paris concentrate the major activity of the town. Indeed, this district is enough to make a worthy visit of the town of Paris. You will find the 15 cinemas, the 3 Luxembourg, our neighbor. You only have to step out from the hotel Trianon Rive Gauche and take right at the beginning of the street Monsieur Le Prince. By staying in a hotel of the 6th district, you can also asist to the most beautiful play at Odeon Theater. You can also enjoy the expositions of the greatest French painters, for exemple, at Luxembourg museum, and many more. If you want to read nice literary work, or document yourself just for your personal convenience, it won’t be hard for you to find libraries if you stay in hotel in the 6th district of Paris.

It is a plaisant place, mainly attended by students. The famous Sorbonne is one of the best point of the area.

5 main places of worship, especially Notre-Dame and Church of Saint-Sulpice make the fame of the district.

The Trianon Rive Gauche, hotel that you are looking for in the 6th district

Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche is located in Vaugirard street. The longest street of Paris is one the principal arteries of the disctrict. It will guide you very easily to the main places of the district like Pont Neuf, Bistrot Polidor or even the Café Flore.

Our hotel is very easy to access because it is located a 3 minutes from the metro station Cluny la Sorbonne and the RER stop Luxembourg as well. The RER B allows you a direct access to the Paris Airport.

Moreover, the best restaure point use not to be far. By choosing to stay at the Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche, you will optimise your visit of the town. Right from the waking up, you will be plunged in the proper city.

Do not hesitate to get closer from the front desk team, to book a room with view or balcony. Hurry up! Enjoy our hotel in the 6th district of Paris.