A hotel for Paris Carnival

A hotel for Paris Carnival

un hôtel pour le carnaval de paris This year again, March month right the beginning of Paris Carnival.

For the 22nd time, Paris street knows a festive parade. It occures each years the sunday before Shrove Tuesday.

This year, the carnival takes place on March 3rd. Enjoy a funny family activity to look from now your hotel for Paris Carnival.

Paris Carnival

Paris Carnival is a very old tradition. Indeed, aged of more than 10 centuries, it succeed to go through times and to maintain itself in the heart of the citizen through the generations.

Asist to Paris Carnival is a good way to be a witness of the Parisian history.

The history of Paris really worth for the town. This is why, years after years, it succeed to maintain such a festive tradition through hard times. Paris liberty worth.

This is nice! Indeed this year, sport and liberty are the two themes that will guide Paris Carnival parade.

Going from the Gambetta’s place, the 20th district of Paris, the participant will globally cross 5 districts. Indeed, they then go towards the 10th, 11th, 3rd and the 4th district of Paris.

The road come to its ends at the arrival of the central full land. This is a beautiful symbol for a free town! The proof the next : Around 5000 people generally participate at Paris Carnival.

We hope that you have already find your hotel for Paris Carnival because the meeting does not end so quickly.

The other traditional parade of Paris Carnival take place a few following weeks after this one : The “Cortège des Reines Blanchisseuses”, in other words, Women’s Carnival.

Ladies, you are invited, and your mission is to wear your most beautiful queen costume.

This is the time to find your hotel for Paris Carnival, and make your crown shine.

Find a hotel for Paris Carnival

For such a family activity, the Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche welcomes you 24/7 in a warm adequat place. A hotel for Paris Carnival

We have got a lot of bedrooms in order to welcome your family. The communicating rooms allows you to keep your children next to one another, and make them prepare and debrief their event.

For a more little family, we have got triple rooms, in order to talk all night long.

Do not forget that the Trianon Rive Gauche is located in the heart of Paris. Different metro station, buses and RER will allow you to assist to your parade on time !